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PyraMedia is a fully recognized consultancy and production company in the media industry, as it offers its services, experience and its expertise in a variety of fields in the media industry to their corporate and individual partners.

We are experts in media consultancy, media production and original content development as we combine our local knowledge with our international expertise. PyraMedia is well renowned for our strong network of producers and content creators from every corner of the globe, which allows us to produce films and tell diverse ranges of stories to local, regional and international audiences. All of our work is well thought out and produced through the utilization of the latest technologies of the world, for our company utilizes the constant evolution of technology, creativity and production in every project handed to us.


  • Historical and biographical documentary series
  • Environmental documentaries.
  • Discovery documents (spatial or temporal).
  • Feature Reports
  • Scientific documentaries.
  • Documentaries for ministries, companies, private and governmental institutions.

Production Services

  • Event filming (Videography and photography)
  • 360 & VR video
  • Aerial filming
  • 2D & 3D animation

TV Production

  • Original Formats Development
  • Production of all types of programs of high quality.
  • Script Writing and Editing.
  • Stage Design (decoration, lighting).

Facilities and Production solutions

  • Equipment rental (Video/ Audio/Lighting)
  • Technical and creative crew sourcing
  • Research and budgeting
  • Cost control and production management
  • Location scouting

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The Buzzer

Pyramedia sought to produce and implement the Arabic version of the international French program “Le Dernier Buzzer”, and the challenge was to do so in a manner that kept true its roots while presenting it in a creative, distinctive and uniquely Arab way.

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Prince of Poets

Pyramedia wanted to preserve the region’s love for poetry after the creation of Million’s Poet so they began producing Prince of Poets. The new project’s goal was to cater to the audience of the Arab world and to built on their traditions. Along with the production of the TV competition, Pyramedia established a magazine and website along with the Prince of Poets channel.

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Million Poet

Highlighting, reviving and expanding the poetry in the Arab world for an audience consisting of diverse cultures and nationalities. Presenting, designing and producing the show in a modern style using the latest production technology. However, this was a large-scale project assigned to Pyramedia, causing Pyramedia to unleash their full range of media services and creativity in order to fully capture the essence, identity and function of this television production project.

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Al Zaman Jameel

Highlighting and preserving the culture of music in the Arab world by restoring the appreciation for diverse voices, songs, languages and harmonies. Creating, designing, producing and executing the concept with a contemporary vibe, using modern technologies was a challenge faced by Pyramedia as we aimed to produce Al Zaman Jameel.

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