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Communication in this day and age is one of the most important tools for a business to uphold, at PyraComms we provide full campaign implementation and creative development for marketing and PR strategies in order for your brand and company to get the outreach it deserves.

PyraComms can create campaigns made for a range of media mediums including TV, Radio, Digital, and Outdoor as we provide multiple methods of promotion, merchandising, mobile marketing and outreach new media through new revolutionary strategies and campaigns.


We create marketing strategies that consist of implementing full creative development during a campaign in order to strategize creations across a variety of channels including Radio, TV, Digital and Outdoor. PyraComms provides multiple services within marketing including promotion, merchandizing, mobile marketing, and an outreach to new media through our revolutionary strategies and campaigns. We work with our clients to raise their brand’s awareness and maximize their marketing budget ROI.

Public Relations

We provide all the possible tools required to develop the right public relations plan, and we tailor unique and effective solutions based on the needs of our clients. We combine classic traditional Public Relation methods which revolve around printed media, radio and television with the new modern methods of digital and social media. In addition to this, we develop and implement the client’s main message to advertising and marketing goals where their content is unified, simplified and exhibited in all interactive channels to ensure maximum impact.


We work closely with our clients and think creatively in order to define, write and interpret the story that our clients wants us to portray as the heart of their brand. We ensure that the branding strategy and message we create portrays our clients image and objectives as well as use marketing strategies that help us reach their goals.

Developing Media Strategies:

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International Fund for Houbara Conservation

Pyramedia sought to highlight the activities and efforts of the International Fund for Houbara Conservation to raise awareness about it…

International Festival of Falconry

Pyramedia developed the appropriate messaging and packaged the information about the festival in a way that made it interesting for…

Al Ain Zoo Campaign

Pyramedia has sought, through its marketing and media services, to ensure the widest media and promotional coverage about Al Ain…

Jewellery and watch show (JWS)

Pyramedia has sought, through its PR and media services, to ensure the widest media and promotional coverage and reach of…

The “Human Fraternity Messages” Campaign

Through the "Human Fraternity Messages” campaign, held for just 24 hours on February 4, 2021 as part of the Participation…

“Pray for Humanity” campaign

Highlighting the importance of human fraternity and the need for all human beings of all nationalities, ethnicity and religion to…


Obtained massive coverage through thousands of clippings, several TV interviews and a very high PR Value Rate for this world-class…

Janadria Festival

Building a PR strategy for Janadria festival(@AlJanadriaFest) that would give the festival the media publicity it needed locally, regionally and…

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