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The approach

Our approach involved developing a pipeline of announcements to create a buzz around the opening, managing various aspects of the event; from ad design, event coverage, video and photography, and preparing a comprehensive report on the opening, as well as public relations services to ensure the greatest press coverage.


Through its marketing and media services, Pyramedia has sought to ensure the widest media and promotional coverage of the island’s opening to the public and highlight that the island offers a high-quality entertainment lifestyle for all visitors seeking to participate in leisure activities in a privileged location.

The Result

Attracting the attention of the local public and media to Al Hudayriat Island as one of Abu Dhabi’s premier high-quality entertainment destinations.
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Al Mahabba Awards Festival

Pyramedia sought to put the spotlight on this mega event that aimed to use art to express our love for the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. We put the media spotlight on event’s various activities, which included concerts, conferences and an exhibition of plastic art, which were all broadcast on a number of television channels.

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International Emmy Awards

Through the diversification of the categories to be judged yearly, Pyramedia strove to select judges from different backgrounds and nationalities to encourage the exchange of knowledge among attendees and expose regional filmmakers to the shortlisted nominees from around the world.

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To position Abu Dhabi at the forefront of the global film festival circuit and popularize the film industry as a potential hub for local and regional talent, Pyramedia (@pyramedia_group) conceived and executed the idea of hosting a 10-day film festival in the UAE.
The festival which was later renamed “Abu Dhabi Film Festival” and the challenge for Pyramidia was to launch a festival that will have a preeminent stature in the international film festival industry.

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