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The approach

Oloom Abu Dhabi is a specialized news account launched by Pyramedia which provides news updates on politics, economics, social, events and the weather all throughout the day and night. Oloom Abu Dhabi was launched on all social platforms managed and executed by Pyramedia with customized news designed to keep Abu Dhabi and UAE residents updated with the latest news about the capital of the UAE. 

The Challenge

Provide an alternative to traditional media methods by providing the audience with news at a constant speed and time on social media platforms. Spreading rapid information at the fingertips of the audience in order to disseminate news to the public in Abu Dhabi through progressive approaches of news which is frequently updated. Pyramedia was faced with the challenge of constantly creating news-worthy content for Oloom Abu Dhabi and the effective management of the show’s social media channels.
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The Result

Oloom Abu Dhabi (@oloomabudhabi) is now up and running on Twitter, Instagram with more than 60K followers, YouTube and Snapchat as Pryamedia leads the social media accounts through consultation and content creation for the specialized news account regarding Abu Dhabi.
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