Semi-Final Round of Judging for the 2017 International Emmy Awards Competition Hosted Today in Abu Dhabi by Pyramedia

Saturday 9th September 2017, Abu Dhabi: -The Semi-Final Round of Judging for the 2017 International Emmy Awards will be hosted today in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE by Pyramedia _NT20685Group. The event that is taking place at Bab El Qasr Hotel and is bringing together a diverse group of celebrities and media personalities for the selection of the semi-final finalists in the category of Best Performance by an Actor .

At the Semi-Final Round of Judging, a selection of programs will be screened and a diverse pool of judges coming from across the Middle East will be selecting the 2017 Nominees. The judges are composed of celebrities with different backgrounds and with ample experience in the field to enrich the event and ensure that a dynamic platform and dialogue is established.

This will be the eighth year that Pyramedia Group hosts the International Emmys Awards Semi Final Judging panels under the leadership of Nashwa Al Ruwaini, renowned media personality and entrepreneur who has dedicated years of her career to positioning Abu Dhabi as a major media hub in the region and on an international scale.

The International Emmy Awards Semi-Final Round of Judging is a significant event that is endorsed by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a global organization with over 750 members from over 60 countries and 500 companies that work in the fields of television, digital media, entertainment and film. The event today will be for the selection of semi-finalists before the final round that will be held in October.

“Semi-Final rounds of Judging events are crucial to the International Emmy Awards competition, so we are thankful for Nashwa Al Ruwaini and Pyramedia for hosting this again this year in Abu Dhabi”, said Jessica Franco Emmy Judging Manager