PYRASPORTS® , based in Abu Dhabi , UAE , is a sport business enterprise , with the objective of building a full-service agency offering a host of specialized services to sport governing bodies , right holders , corporate brands , broadcaster and sport infrastructure owners in the GCC countries , As sport governing bodies become more commercial there is need to develop a business dimension to their operations.

PYRASPORTS® brings commercial enterprise and provides client focused solutions to the sport industry.

An experienced team of passionate sport business professionals and high standards of delivery make PYRASPORTS® in a complex sport business landscape. In everything we do – including Long Term Athletes Development (LTAD), Strategic Planning, Event Management, Event creation, Bid to host Mega Sporting Events (MSE), strategic Sports Sponsorship Consultancy and Sports Governing bodies Consultancy.

PYRASPORTS® introduces innovate, value-added solutions, ensuring the success of its client partners.


Our Services

Bid to host Mega Sporting Events (MSE)

Countries and cities bidding to host an MSE like the Olympics, World Cup or other Games are usually elected 7 or 8 years before the event itself takes place. The bidding process normally starts a year or two beforehand, when the international or continental sports governing bodies publishes a detailed questionnaire, outlining the process and timeline. About one year later a handful of candidate nations / cities are selected. These are then given several months in which to submit a candidature file. Lobbying is often intense, and in the past there have been allegations of corruption influencing votes.

Each candidate host city or country prepares the candidature file, which is its blueprint for the event.

Sports Governing Bodies Consultancy

The most sought after partners to SGB and athletes are those who can add to the sports development, governance and revenue. This is done through

  • Administrative leadership
  • Technical leadership
  • Men’s Competitions
  • Women’s Competitions
  • Sport’s Gender equity strategy
  • Good governance
  • Refereeing strategy
  • Grassroots strategy
  • Long term athletes development (LTAD)

Strategic Planning

  • Plotting direction
  • The mission statement
  • The goals (or objectives, or outcome statements)
  • Action plans
  • Evaluation
  • Budgets

Event Management

Add relevance to your sport brand through PYRASPORTS® event management , PYRASPORTS® manage and represent sports events across the GCC region , PYRASPORTS® event management offers unprecedented access and reach:

  • Full service presence
  • Official marketing partner for major sports and entertainment federations and governing bodies

Let PYRASPORTS® help you turn events around the GCC region into effective sales and marketing platforms for your sports brand.

PYRASPORTS® offers the event categories below:

  • Action Sports
  • Motorsports
  • College Sports
  • High School Sports
  • Mass Participation Sports
  • Women Sports
  • Educational Programs (Coaches , PE Teachers )

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