Pyramedia Serves as Media Thought Leader at Hakaya MiSK Festival

Pyramedia was present at Hakaya MiSK Festival as a thought leader in the media industry. Members from the company presented at Hakaya MiSK Festival that was held at Umm Al Emarat Park from Wednesday 29thNovember to Friday 1st December. The presentations done by Pyramedia were by Bassem Albeir, Director of Photography on “Challenges for Outdoor Filming,” and Shaista Roshan, a Producer who presented on “Producing on a Limited Budget.” The goals of both these presentations is to help media specialists to be able to do their jobs with ease and be informed about the latest techniques in the field.

 There was a great turn out at both presentations and the audience showed extreme interest in the topics that were being discussed.

 Edward Abankwa, Programme Organiser at Hakaya MiSK said, “Hakaya MiSK Abu Dhabi took place in the city from 29th November to 1st December 2017 and is a Saudi event focused on incubating creative skills in the next generation through culturally and educationally conscious content creation. The event involves young people and creative types in workshops, inspiring platforms, and content focused exhibitions. The organisers of Hakaya MiSK were honoured to host Pyramedia Group as an international knowledge partner and were truly astounded by their level of expertise and professionalism as they inspired the audience over 3 days with engaging talks and demonstrations in the art of film and movie production. We were delighted with their service offering and believe the audience truly benefited from their presence in Abu Dhabi. We look forward to working with Pyramedia again on future editions and appreciate their commitment.”

 Hakaya MiSK Festival aims to create content with cultural and educational values to encourage young people to express and showcase their ideas.