Pyramedia Launches Oloom Abu Dhabi a Specialised Abu Dhabi News Account on Social Media

Pyramedia, the leading media consulting and production company has launched a specialized news account for news about Abu Dhabi on several social media channels. With  customized news designed to keep Abu Dhabi and UAE residents updated with the latest news about the capital of the UAE, the new account which is called Oloom Abu Dhabi @oloomad is now up and running on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Pyramedia provides the content creation for Oloom Abu Dhabi and offers consultation on the management of the social media channels.

Updated regularly Oloom Abu Dhabi provides news updates on politics, economics, social, events and the weather all throughout the day and night meeting the needs of residents who wish to receive timely and fresh news on the hour.

On the occasion of the launch, Nashwa Al Ruwaini, CEO and Board Member of Pyramedia Group said, “We live in a time of speed and people wanting rapid information at their fingertips, therefore we believed that the best way to disseminate news to the public in Abu Dhabi is across social media channels as opposed to through traditional media methods. Oloom Abu Dhabi is a progressive approach to receiving news updates because it is refreshed regularly and the number of people who consume social media information is vast, and most people search for their news updates through social media now.”

She also added that as a company Pyramedia likes to always work on dynamic and contemporary approaches to media to keep up with the times and ensure that a large number of people have access to timely and relevant media related applications and content which they can access any time of the day especially on their smart phones.

Pyramedia media consulting and production company is a market leading company that has worked on several projects related to the UAE and Abu Dhabi with Oloom Abu Dhabi being one of them. The company offers a diversity of services such as PR, Marketing, Events and Sports Management alongside the media consulting and production arm. It has won several awards for productions such as The Millions Poet,  The Prince of Poets, The Buzzer as well as consulted for international Hollywood movie productions such as Aladdin, Syriana, Pirates of the Carribean to name a few, in addition to working towards the attraction of international organisations to the UAE to create a regional media hub.