Pyramedia Awarded Best in Media and Marketing

by Middle East Markets Magazine in UAE Excellence Awards

Pyramedia, the leading media consulting and production company based in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates was selected by the UK based magazine Middle East Markets to win the Best in Media and Marketing Award. Pyramedia won the award as part of the UAE Excellence Awards organized by Middle East Markets magazine this year. The Company was selected for Middle-East-Markets-Awardits pioneering and award winning performance in the fields of media and marketing which Pyramedia has specialized in and is one of the few companies that offers this diverse portfolio of services to its clients.

Nashwa Al Ruwani, CEO and Board Member of Pyramedia Group said on the occasion, “I am extremely pleased that one of our companies has been recognized by an international publications for all our efforts. It is an empowering reminder that the diverse services we offer such as media consulting and production as well as marketing are of the highest quality and rewarding to our vast pool of clients.”

She also added, “This award means that we are doing the right thing, in the right place at the right time and encourages us to continue delivering our best-in-class service in the region as we continue growing and moving forward.”

She elaborated that Pyramedia will continue its hard work in the media and marketing sector as a market leader that over the years has produced TV shows, documentaries and marketing campaigns that always involve keeping up and implementing market trends and standards therefore delivering award winning work.

Pyramedia Group has pioneered several projects in the region such as The Millions Poet, The Prince of Poets, The Buzzer, The Middle East Film Festival, The EMMYs as well as consulted for many Hollywood productions, to name a few. Under the guidance of Nashwa Al Ruwani the group has worked to establish the region as a media hub that attracts international organisations from all across the globe.

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