Nashwa Al Ruwaini Wins Women Icon of the Year at the Middle East Leadership Awards

Middle-East-Leadership-Awards-Nashwa-Al-Ruwaini-OneNashwa Al Ruwaini, the leading media and business personality won the Women Icon of the Year at the Middle East Awards. The entrepreneur who leads Pyramedia Group was selected for the award because of her achievements in the media field and for her skills as a business leader. Al Ruwaini is currently Board Member and CEO of Pyramedia – Media Production and Consultancy, CEO of Al Joude Investments, CEO of Al Joude  Advertising and Publicity, as well as CEO of Delma Medical Centre. Al Ruwaini is also the Founder and Chairman of the Nashwa Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to philanthropic work across the Arab world.

This is not the first time Al Ruwaini has been recognized for her achievements this year, earlier she won the Emirates Woman Award in the category of Innovation, and she was listed in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen as well as Arabian Business 100 Smartest People in the UAE. Her media production and consulting company Pyramedia was awarded Best in Media and Marketing by Middle East Markets magazine.

On the occasion of the award, Al Ruwaini said, “I am extremely happy and honoured to win the Women Icon of the Year award as it serves as a reminder that all our efforts are never in vain. It also creates motivation for me to continue doing the things I am doing and to excel in all I do to ensure that all my organisations are offering the best possible service to my clients who will always be important to me.”

She also added that she hoped the award will be an inspiration to women in the Middle East to know that they are capable of success and that in a country like the United Arab Emirates that provides the ultimate support system for everybody, all business leaders and specialists are able to achieve all their goals and dreams.

The Middle East Leadership Awards were held in Dubai on October 12th at the Address Hotel and were organized by Dr. R. L. Bhatia who is the founder of World CSR Day and World Sustainability. Dr. Bhatia is a change management and organization turnaround specialist. He has several roles in life which include author and coach. He is a leading authority in Paradigm Shift for Quality and how this paradigm shift will affect the future of the world.